Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Olympics - discovering content and live streams

List of Active Live Streams


UPDATE: nice, looks like people are putting together playlists for the music used during the opening ceremony! Link 1 (YouTube) Link 2 (Spotify)

UPDATE: VIPBox live coverage center

UPDATE: if you need to find out where a shortened link goes (ex.,,, etc.) enter it at LongURL and then copy the Long URL to Site Advisor and click "View Report". That should hopefully tell you if it's safe to click.

I'm pretty excited to watch some of the games these next weeks so I thought I'd share some of the resources I've discovered to follow along and watch online. Especially since I'm one of those poor blokes that can't afford a cable package. Actually it seems weird to me that a significant world event like this isn't simply streamed online from the organization itself or some other benevolent entity...greedy bastards! :P

Anyway, below you'll find official resources for results and coverage, along with methods for discovering "other" ways of watching it online.

My preferred method of discovering content is through Twitter. Head over to (you may need to login) and do a query of Tweets, for example:
Be sure to click "All" to reveal normal peoples' Tweets as well, but beware that some individuals might exploit this by submitting malware links. Use your best judgement!

You can also try advanced Google searches like this one:
That way you may discover websites that have updated with new links and fresh content.

If you're just looking for results and coverage then try some of these links:
It also appears that some countries might get free streaming services from certain websites like this one:
It may be possible to access this stream from non-applicable countries (like the US) using TOR or a proxy that masks your IP.

I'll keep this blog post updated as I find new content.

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