Monday, February 25, 2013

Wausau Area Bulletin Boards

I did a Google search for "wausau bulletin boards" hoping to find a listing of different places you could post flyers but nothing came up. So a friend and I decided to begin trekking around looking for potential advertising spots that are open to posting. Here is a map of the ones we've found so far:

Updated as of 25 February 2013

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Remember to ask permission before posting and bring your own tacks / push pins.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wausau Area Web Design, SJC Media LLC

Last year I registered a company called SJC Media LLC in Wisconsin. I didn't use it. Instead I worked on personal programming projects and video content. But now in 2013, I've decided to begin pursuing freelance website design and development for the central Wisconsin area (Wausau, Merrill, Rib Mountain, Stevens Point, etc.). That way I will be able to continue blogging, producing YouTube content, researching, and studying, while making some money on the side. I also hope that I can make enough to cover some purchases I've been wanting to make, like tuning up my truck (which hasn't been sounding so hot), buying a dog (I want to test my dog training skills), and getting some office supplies (I definitely need a new chair). And so, a couple weeks ago I reworked the website, prepared some things, and have begun looking for clients.

This is where the quick advertisement comes in: ladies and gentlemen, business folk, and hobbyists. Are you in need of a new website? Updating or maintenance to an existing or old one? Need general computer advice or consultation? I offer a wide variety of services to the Central Wisconsin area with expertise lying in web design, content management systems, PHP, and MVC framework development! Whatever your needs, we can work out a reasonable contract that will leave you with a project you'll be proud to share with friends, family, and clients. Just head over to and see what we can offer you.

Ok, that's long enough. If you're interested in quick, efficient, and beautiful web design, check me out. And if you know anyone else interested, send them my way. Thanks!

Lastly, I wanted to mention some tools I've been using to setup shop. I've spent the last couple days working on SEO and social networking and love this website: Woorank. Such a great tool for quickly analyzing your websites. I also, as I've mentioned before, use Astrid and Google Documents to help organize and track tasks, client information, and reminders. Always remember to take thorough notes. Finally, services like, dropbox, and Google Drive are also really handy for backing up files. I have all 3 running and upload to them regularly. That way you can adequately protect your work.

I'll keep this document updated with random tips and tools I find for helping with web development. Until then, cheers!